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The Strong Over 50 program is the most effective way to connect to the Over 50 (or Boomer or Senior) population. By 2030 one third of adults will be Boomers. The Strong Over 50 program is your key to tapping into this market. Becoming a certified Strong Over 50 trainer and/or facility can greatly benefit any fitness business by helping you achieve:

  • Increased traffic in your facility, especially during non-peak hours.
  • Increased personal training revenue.
  • Increase group training offerings.
  • Increased market share with the help of our marketing materials.
  • Increased client retention.
  • Access to CEUs for your trainers.

Listen to a Strong Over 50 certified facility owner and read testimonials from actual Strong Over 50 participants below.

I saw your ad, then went on your website and liked what I saw in your age 50 + plan. I am 62.

I am interested in your strong over 50 program. I just turned 60 and would like to keep my flexibility and muscle tone.

Interested in “strong over 50” program.

I am 71 years old, as of this past September. For the past several years I have gone to group strength classes at another facility in town. Lately, two of my friends and I who I go with have become unhappy with the classes and are looking for another facility to meet our needs.

Looking for trainer with experience with older people.

I’m 78 and not fit at all. Can you help?

I’m totally out of shape and will be 66 this year. Still working FT and sitting in an office! Gradually growing my midsection and hips.

My husband is retired and is looking to resume workouts that benefit him at his age.

Did not exercise during covid..need core and balance help.

I am 69 years old and have chronic back problems (scoliosis). A friend (Vickie Noble) had talked about Erica and how much she has helped her.

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