Strong Over 50 Educational Courses

At Strong Over 50, part of our mission is to provide growth opportunities to fitness professionals. Our education platform of classes helps us accomplish this goal. Our nationally certified online educational courses provide:

  • High quality and engaging educational instruction.
  • Practical applications for both clients and fitness professionals.
  • CEUs for most nationally recognized certification bodies.
  • A growing library of specialized courses in both the general fitness and adaptive fitness worlds.

Explore our library of classes and see how our classes can help you grow as a fitness professional and listen to testimonials of certified Strong Over 50 trainers.

Strong Over 50 Certification Course

This course is designed to introduce fitness professionals to the Strong Over 50 Body Weight Bar and the value of using the BWB to train the over-50 population. Some of the objectives you will achieve include:

  • Implement setup and installation of the Strong Over 50 Body Weight Bar.
  • Learn what resistance training looks like for an aging population.
  • Design Strong Over 50 programs for a wide variety of clientele.
  • Describe the benefits of Strong Over 50 training.
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Strong Over 50 Parkinson’s Disease Specialist Course

This course is designed to help fitness professionals understand how to effectively work with clients who have Parkinson’s Disease and how the Strong Over 50 Body Weight Bar can be used to address their specific needs regarding their disease. This class contains a wealth of information from experienced Parkinson’s exercise specialists, Parkinson’s patients, and medical professionals. Some of the objectives you will achieve include:

  • Understand the 5 stages of Parkinson’s and how that impacts a client at each stage.
  • Develop a toolkit that enables fitness professionals to create unique programs for clients with Parkinson’s.
  • Grasp why and how exercise can generate a better quality of life for clients with Parkinson’s.
  • Identify and minimize safety concerns that are unique to clients with Parkinson’s.
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How to Build and Maintain a Strong Personal Training Client Base

This course is designed to help both personal trainers and fitness facility managers improve sales and retention of personal training clients. This course gives both broad-based psychological information to help trainers better understand human behavior and specific information to help trainers navigate the journey from meeting a potential client to selling personal training services and retaining the client. Some of the objectives you will achieve include:

  • Understanding the psychology of selling.
  • Building rapport with clients.
  • Understanding body language.
  • Selling yourself to a client.
  • Creating value in your services.
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